2 bikes in Daunt Square

His and hers bikes locked up against a pole in Daunt Square, Cork last February. Looking at this with fresh eyes, I was lucky to catch the people behind the bikes without at least one of them standing behind the pole!

I love the expressions of the two girls closest to the bikes. I wonder if they’re sisters?

I have to get out and take more street shots soon. I can’t remember the last time I “shot from the hip” and Cork City needs recording!

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  1. Flickr: frenchsvilla Reply

    lovely shot. that’s a lovely lens, are you using photoshop to go black and white? I love the texture of it. I@ve been trying to match my shots to some thing like this or the old Tri-x but I’m only a learner. this is lovely


  2. Flickr: xeer Reply

    Thanks! I use the GIMP to do all my processing, and usually use the channel mixer to convert to b/w but I did find a neat b/w conversion plugin that I used on occasion. TBH, I can’t remember if this was one of those times.

    That’s an overlay layer with a black-transparent gradient at the end of the image.


  3. Flickr: jaqian Reply

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Irish Street Photography, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.


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