Wow! A super hero!

This is for all the fans of Marvel and DC Comics publications! Super heroes do exist. They live in Cork, and hand out leaflets on Patrick’s Street in front of Dunnes Stores!


  1. alkos Reply

    ;-) wow! :-D

  2. Alberto García Reply

    A little streched, isn’t it?

    It seem fatter and ¿stronger? :)

  3. Flickr: Denis Ryan Reply

    Ha! Nice! This must have been taken just days before his death in New York. He died on March 7th (or at least that was the release date of the issue! :P ) Was he by chance handing out leaklets for Captain Americas?!?

  4. Flickr: xeer Reply

    I have no idea actually. He wasn’t having much luck handing out leaflets as everyone avoided him!

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