Orange stripes and white clouds

The orange stripes of the road lead off into the Conor Pass, north of Dingle in Co. Kerry. This was taken in September last year and they did a great job of improving the road.

The cloud you see is fog that literally rolled in off the hills. One moment there was a beautiful view down into the Pass and the next we were surrounded by a white wall of wet.


  1. Flickr: Rangio76 Reply
  2. Flickr: Fenstar Reply

    beautiful, i was there myself a year or so ago, it’s a gorgeous part of the world

  3. Flickr: Trostan Reply

    Hope you were quick taking this, as the road improvements now allow people to travel quite quickly on this road. One of my favourite places on earth. Great perspective.

  4. Josef Reply

    Very nice! I love orange tones. Nice coloring.

  5. Flickr: xeer Reply

    I was lucky and traffic was light enough although the car park filled up quickly.

    therangonagin – wait until you see a picture of the Conor Pass, then you’ll definitely head there!

  6. Flickr: therangonagin Reply

    How beautiful! I know where I have to go next time that I visit Ireland!!!

  7. Flickr: Mirjam75 Reply
  8. oranges Reply

    It always seems the best photographs only appear for a few seconds and you must capture them before they disappear. I know numerous times I have seen something photogenic and had to dig through my backback for my camera. By the time I pulled out my camera the moment had passed.

    Great photo and I’m glad you didn’t get hit by a car.

    James Mason

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