Light trails on Oliver Plunkett Street

Light trails from a passing car leave their mark on this long exposure shot of Oliver Plunkett Street in Cork.

Can you see pink lights on the vertical poles standing at the edge of the pavement? On my Linux box they’re clear as day but I can’t see them at all in Preview on the Macbook.

The lights were designed and made by MAAS here in Cork and the colour changes slowly from blues to purples to pinks to yellow and to any other colour. It’s quite a sight to see the colour change when standing at one end of this long straight street!


  1. Flickr: davepolaschek Reply

    They show up (but are not easy to see) in Safari on my Mac when viewed on Flickr, and also when viewed in

    Have you calibrated your MacBook screen using the "Displays" System Preference (you have to click into the "Color" tab)? If not, maybe that’s the source of the problem.

  2. Flickr: xeer Reply

    Dave – I’ve looked at that before but none of the calibrations except "LCD screen" look ok, for obvious reasons! Maybe the Macbook screen just isn’t sensitive enough? (them be fighting words!)

  3. Flickr: davepolaschek Reply

    Have you tried using the "Calibrate" button in there? I think you have to have a calibration selected first, but then you can tailor it to match your screen (and viewing conditions).

  4. Flickr: xeer Reply

    Ah, I see that button now. Thanks Dave. I’ll give it a go later when I have a little spare time :)

  5. Flickr: jgalvin Reply

    I see them fine on my external monitor, but there is no pink twinge when I view them on the macbook screen.

  6. Flickr: Shanko0o Reply

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