The curious dog

While wandering about on St. Patrick’s Day this year I spotted this adorable little dog. I got a few snaps and his owner didn’t seem to mind. The doggy was more than happy at the attention and sniffed eagerly at my lens!


  1. Flickr: genewolf Reply

    a king charles spaniel i think – what a cutie!

  2. Flickr: xeer Reply

    He is rather cute! I was afraid for him in the crowds but he didn’t seem to mind. Thankfully his owner didn’t drag him in between the stalls set up on the street!

  3. Flickr: xeer Reply

    Dave – I managed to avoid the dreaded doggy lick this time but Oscar has got to my lens in the past before I pulled it away!

  4. Flickr: davepolaschek Reply

    Did you have to clean dog-spit off your lens afterwards? I’ve gotten a lot of doggie kisses on my lens taking pictures like that.

  5. Flickr: Rangio76 Reply
  6. ellie Reply

    what is his name ? i would like to no please

  7. Gerry Reply

    When you give them a bit of attention dogs usually are playful with you

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