Feeding the horse

Feeding a horse in a field near Dingle in Co. Kerry.

It was a gorgeous beautiful day last September. The sky was blue and dotted with clouds and the sun shone brightly.


  1. Flickr: ecparker Reply

    Beautiful shot. How do you like the Sigma 10-20?


  2. Flickr: fo2me Reply
  3. Flickr: xeer Reply

    ecparker – I love that lens. It’s my favourite one, especially for street photography :)


  4. Flickr: corksurf Reply
  5. Dermot Canniffe Reply

    Very lovely shot…. do you do much post work on your shots?


  6. Donncha O Caoimh Reply

    Thanks, it depends on the image really. This image had an overlay layer with a black to transparient gradient on it to emphasis the sky. Then I used the channel mixer to bring out the green of the grass. Maybe a little dodge and burn too and that’s about it!


  7. Flickr: recursion_see_recursion Reply
  8. stwidgie Reply

    I love the composition on this.


  9. kifayat ullah zehri tarasani baloch Reply

    nice shot but horse is not of a best qualiy it is looking like donkey
    ok thankyou and allah hafiz

  10. Horse Reply

    Nice composition on this. The glimpse of the house adds interest and the sky is amazing. The horse doesn’t look a bit like a donkey just a natural lovely horse I’d like to own myself!

  11. alison need Reply

    hello i love horses ant love horse reading is very viutifol .i from españa and love the composition this xd xd xd xd xp xp xp xp!!!!


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