Antennas in the sky like sentinels

Antennas reach to the sky above San Francisco. I’m not sure of the name of this hill, or how to get there again! Niall showed myself and Mark around up there before heading down by the Bay Bridge, grabbing a bite to eat in a local restaurant and finally ending up at the post-WordCamp bash with the rest of Automattic and everyone else!


  1. Flickr: emacs1969 Reply

    Nice. Wouldn’t look out of place in a Terminator-style, postapocalyptic movie.

  2. Flickr: Jp Corkery Reply

    During my holdiay last year I spent a week in San Francisco. I kept seeing an antenna on the hill while I waslked around Golden Gate Park and near Haight Street.

    Do you know if the antenna on the right in your picture is the same one as in this picutre or this one?

  3. Flickr: xeer Reply

    Jp – Those pictures are of a different antenna. I can’t remember what it’s called but I know a quick Google search will find more info on it!

  4. JanneG Reply

    That looks very much like the antennas up on Twin Peaks?

  5. Matt Reply

    That is Twin Peaks in San Francisco. Nice pics!

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