Paparazzi wait for Flatley at hospital

Film crews and photographers wait outside Cork University Maternity Hospital yesterday for a shot of Michael Flatley. His wife Niamh gave birth to a bouncing baby boy that morning in the hospital. Apparently Flatley gave a 5 figure donation to the hospital. Nurses I spoke to wondered where it went..

OK, maybe the people pictured are TV3, RTE news and a couple of photographers for the local paper but it’s not often one sees them about and in one place. I was busy helping Jacinta and Adam into the car and we weren’t about to stop and hang about. I told the reporters I had no comments to make except that Adam was in great form and that he and his mom were coming home.

I saw Michael Flatley on TV later and he was beaming! :)

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  1. photoDude Reply

    bouncing baby boy – you know there is an obvious gag there dude. I’ll let it pass.

  2. Flickr: frenchsvilla Reply

    hey it’s jenny and Olan… nice one. congrats on Adam. I hope all are doing well. Sleep?

  3. Flickr: xeer Reply

    Sleep? What’s that? zzzzz :)

    Adam is doing really well, Jacinta is still recovering!

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