Watching the fish underwater in Lanzarote

A young boy watches fish swim past on a boat off the coast of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. The boat’s staff threw food overboard for the fish while the passengers went below decks to watch from the observation windows. As it was the start of the season in May, the boat was nowhere near full and everyone got a good look at the marine life swimming past.

This is the first picture I’ve posted from our honeymoon in Lanzarote last year. I took so many photos it’s daunting to look through them and pick out the ones I want to publish.


  1. newnorth Reply

    I love this picture. the moment…

  2. Lanzarote Mandyvilla Reply

    Grate photo! keep adding more!

  3. Kate Reply

    I found your photos by chance, and I must say that they are quite beautiful!

  4. LanzaroteFan Reply

    Hi,was looking for interesting sites about Lanzarote.I must say beautiful photos,i wil put a link to this page on my site.

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