Daisies in the ruins

Boarded up windows, grey walls, overgrown vegetation. It can only be an Irish hospital right?

This is the final picture in my Old Hospital series.

Beautiful – Lough Gill, 2

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  1. Grit Reply

    Great perspective and mood.


  2. Matty Reply

    It’s really stark…..


  3. newnorth Reply

    this is awesome! I like how the background looks black and whit and the vegetation has all the color :)


  4. Josef Renklint Reply

    Awesome imagery.

    I love the tall format of this photo, it really sits well with the scenery.
    And for the record, I agree, WordPress is THE most intuitive blogging tool out there.


  5. Flickr: recursion_see_recursion Reply
  6. Flickr: frenchsvilla Reply

    nice shot donnacha. I came back to it and saw it for what it was/is…aRt nice bit of treatment..and the DOF is cool too


  7. George Reply

    I absolutely love daisies. Its my favourite flower.


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