Gatecrashing on Caroline Street

Another shot from Sunday at Stanley Super 800’s recording of the Gatecrashing video. The multi-shot posts are such a pain to do the rest of these will be single photo posts!

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  1. Flickr: ladyb Reply

    ladyb has posted a comment:

    love the two green shirts against the blue….

    Gatecrashing on Caroline Street

  2. Evane Reply

    Hi! I came to your site via the thieving ducks photo. Very funny stuff, wonder what the commercial was for?

    Anyway I noticed that you got the comments posted on your photos in flick get posted to your blog here too.
    That’s such a great idea! How did you do it? Is it some sort of wordpress plugin? I’ve googled around and can’t find it (._.)
    Anyway cheers!

    (Also is the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail a plugin you could point my way to as well? That’s an option I’ve wanted for a loooong time. These wordpress blogs can get mighty lonely. If anything at least livejournal has great community features!)

  3. Donncha O Caoimh Reply

    Evane – thank you! I wrote a small WordPress plugin to merge the flickr comments. It’s hard coded to use my Flickr account but I want to release it at some stage. Hopefully I can find time to do it this week, check out for an update on it!

    The subscribe to comments function is provided by a plugin of the same name to be found at – it’s simple to set up and maintain and very friendly!

    That ad? It was for Western Union :)

  4. Evane Reply

    Ooh! Cheers!! I’ve installed the notify comments thing and it works great. I’ve subscribed to your other blog and am looking forward to the flickr comments plugin :D

    And I’ll be looking out for the Western Union ad then ^_^

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