Stanley Super 800 Gatecrashing

Where does the weekend go? Last weekend was "getting the baby stuff together" weekend, but it was also buy another UPS time too as Blarney was hit by another couple of power cuts. It was also Ken‘s stag and I was simply too tired to go out on Saturday night so I missed all the fun in the Indian Palace and the pub afterwards. Sorry about that!
Sunday morning was more of the same – work some photos for the blog, build a chest of drawers. Who knew preparing for a baby would be so much work?

Anyway, come 4pm Sunday afternoon I was in the old tram power station on Caroline Street to watch Cork band Stanley Super 800 record their new video "Gatecrashing". Over the next few days I’ll post a few photos from the 2 hour session.

Stanley Super 800 Gatecrashing
Stanley Super 800 Gatecrashing

The video was filmed in front of an audience dancing and shouting and having a great time. Although they look relaxed in this shot don’t be fooled. They’re a bunch of mad folk who gave it their all and had a great time to boot!

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo. The room was full of artificial smoke and the autofocus was fooled by it. Liberal use of unsharp mask helped and I am so glad I brought my wide angle lens!

Truely they were the stars of the show!


  1. Flickr: Flor800 Reply

    Flor800 has posted a comment:

    Nice shot Donncha. Thanks for coming along to the shoot


    Stanley Super 800 Gatecrashing

  2. Flickr: emacs1969 Reply

    emacs1969 has posted a comment:

    Nice one – captures the atmosphere really well.

    Stanley Super 800 Gatecrashing

  3. Flickr: frenchsvilla Reply

    frenchsvilla has posted a comment:

    hey nice one Donnacha. it looks great.

    Stanley Super 800 Gatecrashing

  4. Flickr: frenchsvilla Reply

    frenchsvilla has posted a comment:

    lovely use of the machine head in the foreground. great lighting even if i say so myself

    Stanley Super 800 Gatecrashing

  5. Flickr: frenchsvilla Reply

    frenchsvilla has posted a comment:

    great composition really nice.

    Stanley Super 800 Gatecrashing

  6. Donal Reply

    So when is this video going to be available? Any idea if it’s being posted on their site? First photo is well cool.

  7. Donncha O Caoimh Reply

    Thanks for commenting! I had a great time shooting! Donal – not sure, but it’ll probably make it’s way onto Youtube or elsewhere eventually. I’m looking forward to it, even after hearing it oooh, 7 or 8 times?

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