The eyes in the bus

A child looking out the back window of a bus.

Weird colours and look due to some experimenting with new plugins. Way overblown I know but I gotta have some fun sometimes!

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  1. Flickr: eurobadger Reply

    eurobadger has posted a comment:

    The color is great but the best is the texture in the left of the photo. Was it raining? It certainly looks more organic than a regular Cork City bus.

    The eyes in the bus

  2. Flickr: xeer Reply

    xeer has posted a comment:

    Thanks! You should see the original shot, it’s very ordinary. I’m going to blog about the plugins I used sometime this week and I’ll mention them here on Flickr too.

    The eyes in the bus

  3. Flickr: Dawson Larst Reply

    Dawson Larst has posted a comment:

    I like it too. It catches the eye.

    Let me know about the plugins. I bought some recently and haven’t been impressed. Maybe I oughta read the manual!

    The eyes in the bus

  4. Alexandre Reply

    Very nice picture!!! It looks like cross-processed.

  5. Flickr: madringo Reply

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