Public Telephone

An old and empty phone booth lies neglected. Notice the lock and bolt on the door? I get the feeling this booth hasn’t contained a phone in a long time..

This is the other side of the window pictured yesterday in the mystery hospital.


  1. Flickr: white intermezzo Reply

    white intermezzo has posted a comment:

    love the light ~

    love the tones ~

    Public Telephone

  2. Flickr: xeer Reply

    xeer has posted a comment:

    It was kind of creepy actually, but people still walked through on their way to other parts of the hospital, and a picture in a day or two will show that it was still being used if a sign on the wall is anything to go by!

    Public Telephone

  3. Des Reply

    These pics look like something on an Urban Exploration site for old abandoned hospitals.

    Are they taken in around St Finbarr’s ?

  4. sanju Reply

    love the light love the tones


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