I love you

A love message written on a wall for someone special.

“I love you”

This is the second time I’ve posted a love message on my blog. Those messages are the most basic human communications of our age and before. Many thousands of years ago men were writing on cave walls. How little has changed? Graffiti is everywhere and it doesn’t take much imagination to scrawl a message to a loved one. I wonder who made this message and for whom? Are they still together?

This message is written on a wall in an old building on the grounds of a Cork Hospital. After I took a number of photos around those ruins a security guard approached me and asked what I was up to and that I stop shooting. He was nice enough and friendly, but he said I’d need a permit to shoot on hospital grounds. I didn’t argue with him, and thankfully I was almost finished anyway.


  1. Gareth Marlow Reply

    This image:


    is the most hotlinked photograph on my website – god knows how many myspace profiles have nicked it…


  2. Donncha O Caoimh Reply

    You allow hotlinking? Good idea embedding your url into the image. I’ve been thinking of self-hosting my images as it’s getting too awkward to blog from Flickr because of their new filename conventions.
    I must take a look at my bandwidth usage and decide.

    Shows how universal a message it is though doesn’t it?


  3. frankp Reply

    Lovely shot – very painterly quality about it.


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  5. victor Reply

    thanks for your love over me i love you


  6. amin Reply

    i love …………..
    she is very nice


  7. steve Reply

    name “that tune”…..your way to hide a broken heart,…or just a cold and lonely…. work of art…. jus thinkn about your choice of blog topics,and about you .


  8. Sharon Reply
  9. Flickr: iloveyougalleries Reply

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called I Love You World Graffiti Project, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

    I love your thoughts about the love message : ) And the story about the guard!


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