Sleeping it off in Cork City

As a rule I don’t photograph the homeless very often but I don’t think the sleeping gentleman in this photo was homeless. Rather a heavy night on the town I suspect.

This was snapped while walking past Marks & Spencers on Patrick’s Street last year. I spotted the security people and had the camera ready without breaking stride.

I wonder what happened next?

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  1. John Reply

    Great composition

  2. Matty Reply

    I’m not being funny, but is that Bob Dylan?

  3. Flickr: Josie A. Reply

    Josie A. has posted a comment:

    I agree with you. This man looks not homeless. Nice capture!

    Sleeping it off in Cork City

  4. Flickr: Luika Reply

    Luika has posted a comment:

    lol looks like someone had a few too many! :)

    nice shot!

    Sleeping it off in Cork City

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