The Importance of Being Earnest

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I decided to take in a bit of culture and go see “The Importance of Being Earnest” performed by Chattyboo Productions at Cork Arts Theatre. Frank Prendergast has a leading role in the play and he blogged about it a few days ago, but I didn’t know anything about Oscar Wilde. I expected a stuffy Victorian period drama along the lines of many popular movies I’ve seen. Little did I know the comedic gem that was lying in wait.

I won’t give anything away about the story, except to say that it has a perfect mix of love, humour, twists and scoundrels. We spent the whole time either laughing or engrossed in the twists and characters of the plot.

Unfortunately the play finishes on Saturday so you only have a few more days to enjoy this wonderful experience! Check out Frank’s post for an audio clip, and go book your tickets by ringing the Cork Arts Theatre at 021-4505624.

Lots more photos after the jump…


  1. Angela Newman Reply

    Thank you for your lovely review and fab photos

  2. Mary Casey Reply

    The best production that I have seen in a long time. I enjoyed it so much I have booked again.
    I could not fault the production on anything as the set and ccstumes are fantastic. The actors are protraying the
    characters perfectly.

    • bryant Reply

      this is an amazing response to this play

  3. Ann Riordan Reply

    Flawless production! Very enjoyable! Will be very interested to see what other productions this company will bring.

  4. frankp Reply

    Thanks a million for coming Donncha, and for the glowing review!
    I’m delighted you brought the camera – they’re great shots!

    Great to see yourself and Jacinta – pity Jeremy couldn’t stick around after…

    Thanks Mary and Ann too! :)

  5. Donncha O Caoimh Reply

    Glad you like the photos, I’m already looking forward to whatever play you put on next!

  6. Flickr: Andrew Biorn Reply

    Andrew Biorn has posted a comment:

    I love this play. Then again, I work in theatre…

    The Importance of Being Earnest

  7. zepi Reply

    ı liked it very two weeks time ı have an exam about the play.this helped me so much.thanks a lot:)

  8. Alex Leonard Reply

    It really is a brilliant play.

    I think I saw it in Dublin as part of a school trip many many years ago and I was stunned by how good it is. Definitely not stuffy!

  9. Gary Webber from Bad Credit Remortgage Reply

    I am a huge Oscar Wilde fan. While doing some research on Wilde and the Victorians, I stumbled upon the fact that “earnest” was a word commonly associated with gay men. Some people believe “The Importance of Being Earnest” hints at this, as Wilde was a homosexual himself. Based on this knowledge, the famous Bristol Old Vic Theatre performed “The Importance of Being Earnest” with an all-male cast. Unfortunately, they can never re-use the costumes from the production, as all the female dresses were made for large men!

    – Gary Webber

  10. Flickr: Cepinoo Reply

    The man has nothing to declare except his genius. How true.

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