Innovative Streets

It’s good to look down sometimes. I think this was used to hold a decorative safety pole but I don’t remember ever seeing it used. There are poles on the other side of this narrow street however.

The street of course is Paul Street behind Waterstones.

I was going to blog that yesterday was World Book Day but time ran out for me and the power cut didn’t help my motivation much. Nevertheless, blogged it. Check out some of my photos from last year’s World Book Day celebration!

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  • Flickr: white intermezzo March 2, 2007 Reply

    white intermezzo has posted a comment:

    neat street shot ~ love the light :)

    Innovative Streets

  • Donal March 2, 2007 Reply

    Now that’s cool! I thought you were being a little uppity calling your own shot innovative until the picture loaded completely!

  • pete March 3, 2007 Reply

    Great perspective capturing the low sun, and cool deep shadows. Nicely done

  • Flickr: ::angelic:: March 2, 2007 Reply

    ::angelic:: has posted a comment:

    it is nearby tesco, is it?? :) very very interesting prospective!

    Innovative Streets

  • Flickr: xeer March 2, 2007 Reply

    xeer has posted a comment:

    Thanks for commenting! Yes, that’s just down the road from Tesco. I love shooting from down low as it does create that different perspective that people don’t recognise immediately!

    Innovative Streets

  • Flickr: ::angelic:: March 3, 2007 Reply

    ::angelic:: has posted a comment:

    yes, sure… "perspective" (& not "prospective"… sorry!) :b

    Innovative Streets

  • Pam March 6, 2007 Reply

    I took a shot of a covering of some sort in Dublin. Might have been a water main or sewer cover. It was quite decorative. So glad I’m not the only one taking shots of these things.

  • peter cymble March 7, 2007 Reply

    thanks for your comments on my site…this photo is awesome…the detail is great

  • ziemek March 10, 2007 Reply

    this is such a great shot,
    did you think the shot would turn out this good when you were looking through the viewfinder?:)

  • Donncha O Caoimh March 10, 2007 Reply

    Thanks Ziemek,

    I had an idea it would come out because the sun was so low and the people walking down the street would be cast in shadow. I’ve take similar shots before so going by experience I knew the shadows cast on the ground would be good too! :)

  • Flickr: federico-69 April 18, 2007 Reply

    Great photo! I like the perspective and lighting. Looks b&w…

  • Flickr: WorldFlickr September 3, 2007 Reply

    Hi, I am an admin for a group called Landmarks around the world, and I discovered this great shot in Cork (city), Ireland. We love to have your photo added to the group.

  • Flickr: mac.callahan September 20, 2007 Reply

    The lightning and the perspective are brilliant!

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  • Stupid Photo Thief May 20, 2011 Reply

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