Boats at the quay

Small boats or dingies tied up at the pier in Ballycotton, Co. Cork.

I was looking straight down when I shot this and had to crop out a tiny bit off the bottom where the pier was. The tide was way out, I expect the owners of these small boats weren’t in a hurry to get out on the water.

Owen Higgins wasn’t very happy that he wasn’t nominated for the Irish Blog Awards. Treasa blogged about his rant, quoting bits that he has since removed. He later commented on Treasa’s post that he didn’t understand how the nomination process worked. Go show him some love by visiting his site. Some of his photos are quite good!

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  1. tetsu Reply

    I was attracted by the boat which left from the herd. :-)

  2. Flickr: ViciousG42 Reply

    i love the feeling of fellowship the other boats have, and how the one is an outsider.

  3. Edward (Boat Builder) Knox Reply

    Nice Boats. If you are not in the proper place you may be washed away. The boat that left the herd may be washed away. What a Great Photo!

  4. Flickr: Tiler Reply

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