Father and son in the water

Father and son wading in the shallow water at Inch Strand, Co. Kerry last September.

I previously posted a picture of the child but this image demanded attention when I was looking for “sea” photos. I love the silhouettes, the colour, the waves and the clouds.

Happy Valentines Day!

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  4. rex Reply

    ‘will not be published’ \-very very comforting and professional. timeless photo, almost like unchartered territory for a new generation that will ultimately outlast but be in the open arms and statuesque protection in time’s headstarts.

  5. CPN Reply

    Great photo. One of my favorites from when I was little was playing with my dad’s tools while he was working.


  6. playtk Reply

    Hi, i wrote a song about my father now deceased.
    I wanted a photo to go with song, so picked yours.
    However, i will of course remove it if thats what you’d prefer.
    I am not in the music for profit, merely a hobby.
    Please let me know if not ok to leave photo up there, thanks


  7. First time fathers Reply

    I like the picture so much. It gives me idea that the father and his son waited for the moment to have bonding together. nice post!

  8. Will Reply

    It’s a great picture that shows the relationship of the father to the son. The bonding is strengthen when a father allocate certain amount of time to play with his son. An open communication between the two of them can help the son when making hard decisions.

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