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I’ve been bursting to tell everyone for the last few months that in 2007 I will become a father!

Jacinta, my wife, is pregnant and she’s due in the middle of April! We’re very excited about it but also nervous. We don’t want to know or care if the baby is a boy or a girl. A healthy baby is all we want. Guys – look out for the book, “A bloke’s guide to pregnancy”. It’s a great read, very entertaining and will explain a bit about what to expect and what’s going in your partner’s body! Now you know why I was more than a little interested in who was pregnant on Today FM!

Don’t be surprised if my blogging slows down a little bit around April, but I will try and have about 2 months of photos ready to be posted for late April and on to May. Hopefully things may quieten down and get into a routine after that.

And now I can reveal the only event that marred what was a great year in 2006. The main reason I didn’t attend the Irish Blog Awards last year was because Jacinta was pregnant at the time and the pregnancy wasn’t going so well. Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage soon after.
I find that miscarriage is a taboo subject to talk about. Very few bloggers will talk about it even though 1 in 4 pregnancies will probably not go full-term. Maybe it’s superstition and considered tempting fate to even bring the subject up. Whatever the reason, it’s an awful tragedy for expectant parents to go through.

Happy new year!


  1. Pete Reply

    Yay! Best wishes to you and Jacinta, Donncha. It’s a great experience – nothing quite like it! When they get a bit older, look for “Toddler Taming” – very useful :)

  2. elly parker Reply

    Congratulations to you and Jacinta, Donncha – best of luck and delight in all the memories that you will form from this point on!

  3. Kae Verens Reply

    Apparently, miscarraiges are /very/ common. My wife had a miscarriage about a year before my first kid, Jareth, was born. It was a very strange experience. Bronwyn obviously was distraught, but for me, it was harder to be attached to the child, as there had never been a chance for the poor thing to be anything other than a change in the size of clothes Bronwyn wore. The fact that I was not “properly upset made me upset through guilty feelings.

    Luckily, that unhappy event was corrected by two healthy kids in the following years.

  4. GerryOS Reply

    Congratulations, Donncha and Jacinta! I became a Dad last August, and it is the most amazing, mind-blowing experience life gives you.

  5. Gareth Marlow Reply

    Hey, congratulations to you both! A captive subject for at least four years, in my experience – then you have to use bribery… :)

  6. Conor O’Neill Reply

    Wonderful news Donncha! Congratulations to you both. Now you need to practice coding PHP with a bag of spuds on your shoulder in preparation for babba burping.

    We’ve been very lucky that all our kids are healthy but we had miscarriages between monster 1 and monster 2. It really knocked the wind out of us. We were in the midst of going through the Chinese adoption process when Oisín decided he was a keeper and now he is a loud obnoxious 5 year old.

    I hope Jacinta doesn’t suffer too much discomfort over the next few months and she has a worry-free birth.

    We’ll all demand photots.

  7. Sinéad Reply

    Big congrats to you both – delighted to hear your news!

  8. ryan Reply

    Great news! Hope everything goes well for the two of ye in the months to come. Another WordPress baby eh…

  9. Donncha Reply

    Thank you all for the kind responses! We’ll have a busy few months yet but we’ll have plenty of support from family and friends which is great!

  10. Lloyd Budd Reply

    Julia and my thoughts are with you and yours. Congratulations!

  11. James Farmer Reply

    Just got back off the Aussie hols and found this – great stuff, congrats to you both!

    Too right re: miscarriages – I’ve experienced 2 – as has my partner – and we’ve each got a stroppy six-year-old too.

    Aim for April 25th… all the best people are born on April 25th ;)

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  15. Calendar Reply

    Wow, your baby must be 9 months old already. How time fly by so fast.

  16. Cindy Watrous Reply

    It’s mid-April now, so I can guess that your little bundle of joy is here, or will be making his or her debut into the world soon! Congrats. I was pleased to see a blogging Dad when I read this.

    Yes, miscarriage is a terrible thing to deal with; but we must accept that it happens for a reason, whatever it may be. Talking about it is something we should do to work through the pain it causes. That said, I do understand why it is the taboo subject you say it is.

    I wish your family the best!

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