Dog in a lampshade

Poor Oscar. It’s not bad enough that he got the snip but he had to wear what looks to all the world like a lampshade for two weeks. This was only a week after he moved in with us last Summer and the poor fella was not impressed.

Thankfully he got over it remarkably quickly and doesn’t have an aversion to lighting fixtures as we suspected he might have.

Our Oscar is quite a needy little character. He loves human attention. This faq on Shih Tzus is quite good, although it does contradict an earlier page I read that said they are a one human dog. Oscar definitely prefers Jacinta to me, but he goes crazy when he sees me after an absence too!

He sleeps in the kitchen and up to recently we kept the door closed to stop him coming upstairs but unfortunately he has the door half-ruined from scratching and his whining and barking kept us awake many times.
The solution? Train him and be more strict. He’s not allowed upstairs now and I leave the kitchen door open at night. No scratching, no whining. Sometimes he sneaks upstairs and we find him curled up on the landing but a quick and sharp, “Oscar! Get down!” and he’s scurrying down to his bed again.

So, it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks. Well, a middle-aged one at any rate.


  1. casey

    It’s so gorgeous!!! It is a wonderful picture!!!

  2. Flickr: Charley Lhasa
  3. Gerry

    This “lampshade” is for large dogs. Your veterinarian probably gave you the last unit that was left.

    The same happened to us when our cat had surgery. We replaced that “lampshade” within 24 hours for a more convenient size.

  4. Gerry

    However that photo is very cute…

  5. Paul Easton

    He does look a little sad. This is done for medical reasons right? noramally to stop them scatching theselves?

  6. Dan (Dog Health Problems Guru) Peterson

    The specific technique to eliminate the barking and whining when the animal is left alone is quite simple. Place the dog in its bed. Walk out of your house or apartment, slam the door and remain out­side a short distance from the door to hear what happens. If the dog whines or barks, come back in, grasp the animal by the scruff of the neck, tell it sharply, “No! No! No!”; go on scolding the animal thoroughly for a couple of minutes and put the animal back in its bed. Repeat this procedure several times each day. As the dog starts to quiet down more and more, remain away from home for longer and longer periods. In a very short time the animal becomes completely accus­tomed to remaining alone, and does not even bat an eyelash when you leave. What a cute Dog!

  7. John@Dog-Breeds-Explained

    Great post!

    Shih Tzu is a wonderful breed of dog. One of the best true companion dogs, and royality to boot. I do feel sorry for the poor little dog, but as you say, it was only for a short time.

    As for training an old dog new tricks…

    “Most definetely”! All dog breeds love to interact, and simple training is the best form of owner and dog interaction. As for your little wonderful Shih Tzu. They love reward and praise before they finally begin to love it. I wish you the best.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Sincerely,
    John Adams

  8. Manny

    “He’s not allowed upstairs”… I like this.

    I always wondered why people let their dog roam in their bedroom

  9. Terry Stephens

    My Dog Jess had one of theses on and it was both scary and hilarious. we live in a space efficient home (thats small to us normal folks) and jess bless her is a clumsy oaf. I swear i thought she would have a broken neck by the time it came off but all was fine.

  10. Dog Trainer

    Awww that the cutest pic ever! As far as the training goes i think you can always teach a dog new tricks whatever the age.

  11. CoCo

    I would bite that lampshade off! I am CoCo the blogging dog! My hobbies include chasing cats, going for a walk and eating bologna.

  12. Shih Tzu Checks

    I can’t help but feel sorry for him. Every dog I’ve ever seen with one always seems like they are being completely humiliated. Glad he recovered quickly…

  13. Tony Gibson

    Aww. I remember when my dog had a lamp shade, looked sad all the time he had it on. Keep teahing your dog new tricks they love it and they are never too old.

  14. Puppy Websites

    Awww…. You just want to go up to the dog and give him a big hug. It’s almost as if they know they look foolish. Cute pic though!

  15. Mikael

    Eventhough Oscar doesn’t like it I do think that you have done a great job with the picture. There is just something about B/W pictures. Don’t know what… just something (nice).

  16. Neal Caverson

    Oscar is obviously much better behaved than my dogs. I have 8 of them. I can only wish to teach my brood to act that way…

  17. Jaki

    Poor fella,
    when my dog had to wear the “lampshade” he wouldn’t move. He must have stood still for almost an hour and then it just was to too sad I took the collar off and just supervised him.

  18. i tse

    Looks like he is ready to go trick or treating

  19. House Training Your Dog

    Ahha, Oscar looks like cosmonaut on the picture. Glad he recovered quickly.

  20. Animal Shelter Support

    Poor puppy! I hope the other dogs didn’t make fun of him.

  21. C. Laeuse

    Aaah! Bad luck:(

  22. Fronty

    Where is the light switch? Hope your dog recovered quickly!

  23. Donncha

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  24. Dueces

    Did the dog well now?

  25. Colin Bark

    It’s so gorgeous!!! Nice picture.

  26. elefint

    It’s so cute! Great picture

  27. Gabe

    He´s so cute!!! God bless him! Aren´t dogs great???

  28. Ryan

    A poor dog indeed

  29. Tyrone

    Very poor dog indeed:(

  30. Bethune

    @ Ryan and Tyrone, that is indeed a very poor dog.

  31. Chat

    nice dog hihi

  32. sskumar

    Wow…It sounds amazing, nice dog.

  33. John

    That is pretty cute.

  34. sweety

    very preety dog…

  35. chrome

    I had a Siberian Huskey that had one of those things around his head several times after a visit to the Vet. Kinda embarrassing taking the dog for a walk because it looks so funny.

  36. Matt Serwin

    HAHA what a funny cute puppy. My dog had to wear one of those, they look very cute.

  37. Sean

    Its actually very possible to teach an old dog new tricks. The great things about dogs are they really want to obey, if they “respect” you as a dominant figure in their lives they will do what you train them do it. You run into trouble when they think your playing all the time.

  38. Great Wall of China

    I love this photo. It makes the dog looks so cute!

  39. Bill

    I will second that, poor Oscar! He’s not a very big dog. Did he have trouble walking with the lampshade? It almost looks as if the protective device would scrape the ground if he walked without holding his head high up in the air.

  40. unnamed

    Yup i agree! it is cute

  41. wii for sale

    It looks like a picture for funeral.

  42. Kent

    Poor lil Oscar.. yet his picture is so cute. Putting a lampshade on his neck is part of the trainning?

  43. Kenneth

    cutie lil oscar… how old is this little one?

  44. Wicked Aliens

    Really cute photo :D and doggy

  45. Linda Blair

    Aw… I love dogs, your’s is so cute! To bad he had to get the snip though :(.

  46. Owen Loen

    It’s magnificent. It’s the best dog in the world!

  47. solusiplus

    This picture is very funny. I love it so cute

  48. Ameda

    What a nice blog,the doggie looks Quite pretty ,Great article thanks for this– you’re bookmarked…

  49. seo6nik

    Your Oscar is nice !! Thanx for posting

  50. prankster

    Zany dog. I’m play in fool with my dog too.

  51. doyousuckatmakingmoney

    why putting a dog into a lamp shade,. I’d rather put my dog into a large cage than putting it to a nerd looking thing like that.

  52. Donncha

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  53. Donncha

    Opened comments again. I have my reasons :)

  54. Andrew

    Awwww Oscar is so adorable. My Lhasa -Apso too makes me feel that he missed me so much whenever I leave him alone in my apartment.

  55. John

    He looks cute. Reminds me of my little shih tze girl when she has to put the collar on for a skin problem.

  56. John

    One of our cats has had had to use one of those all too frequently thanks to a frequently occurring irritation on her stomach.

    It’s amazing the kind of transformation of character that takes place when you remove the lampshade though – another (slightly wild) cat seemed have become completely tame after wearing one following her “snip”. As soon as we removed the lampshade she became her old self.

    And yet another – again after the snip – I tried to put the lampshade back on a cat having removed it earlier. She went wild and ran the entire length of the house backwards before coming lodged under a chair.

    Anyway, I’m sure Oscar recovered quickly and hope he is still ok.

  57. chi3nming

    nice doggy xD but da lampthnyy.. URGHH!

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