Jesus Christ Loves You

A man stands alone amid the bustle of downtown San Francisco holding a sign proclaiming the message, “Jesus Christ Loves You”.

This photo brings to mind the preacher in Chicago I photographed while on holiday there. I wonder if the man in San Francisco has the same colourful history.

Happy Christmas to all, I hope you’re having a great day!


  1. Nitin Kapoor Reply

    Your photographs are just amazing. Its been my favourite blog so far. Just great.

    With Best Regards,


  2. Jacinta Reply

    Donncha-I know you are my husband and I might be accused of being biased but you are a great photographer and a truly amazing person. I love you very much.xx Jacinta

  3. Donncha O Caoimh Reply

    Jess – thank you! Love you too! xxx

  4. NKOSIKHO Reply

    hellow this i love you 2 your photo its revaving me big time

  5. desa Reply

    man your photograph is amasing may God be with you.

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