Port of Cork

The Port of Cork seen from the hills on the north side of the city. Looks carefully and you can see several landmarks:

And many more sights!

I entered Little Communion Girl into the Photo Friday “Fresh” competition this morning. Let’s have a look at the other entrants.

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  1. micki Reply

    Wow, this is a great shot!! I need to look for more landmarks.


  2. Flickr: dawson_taratuchin Reply

    This is a great shot, it could easily be from the 19th century
    (if you ignore the cranes and new skyscraper).


  3. Flickr: rebelfocus Reply

    very nice B&W post-processing and good composition. In a few years the docklands will be gone to be replaced with riverfront apartments so now is the time to photograph this section of the city!


  4. Tim Donovan Reply

    Can i please have the attached shot, of the “Port Of Cork”. pdf would be cool,.


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