The anxious look

A young woman looks around anxiously in the crowd filled St. Patrick’s Street before she crosses at the traffic lights.

I was standing on one of the new marble blocks shooting a scene across the road when I saw the gathering crowd below me at the traffic lights. I saw the glance and quick as a flash I got the shot. It was originally slightly blurry but a little bit of b/w conversion and a duplicate layer with a touch of blur set to screen mode created a nice effect.

  • I like this: Looking up.
  • David J. Nightingale of Chromasia fame announced that another baby is on the way for him and his wife. Congratulations on that, and on going into the photography full time!
  • I never knew there was so much trouble over
  • 10 Dollar camera?
  • Legoize any image. That’s definitely something I’ll try out! (via)

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  1. Kae Verens Reply

    very nice!

    it’s almost as if she knew I was stalking her!

  2. Flickr: Makz Reply

    Makz has posted a comment:

    The immediacy of this photo really grabs you. Well done.

    Seen in Street Life (?)

    The anxious look

  3. Flickr: lightboxphotos Reply

    lightboxphotos has posted a comment:

    Very nice shot. The expression on her face really grabs your attention.

    The anxious look

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