Buildings in the sky

I live in a city where the tallest building is one that will be 17 floors high so when I travel to far off lands it’s always great to see tall skyscrapers looming over the streets.

This might bear a striking resemblance to a previous image but it is a different one and was one of my entries in the Patterns Around Us competition at my local camera club.

I have another 3 or 4 similar images but I’m not going to bore you to death by posting all of them unless I can come up with a nice montage effect or something. I’ll have to think about it.

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  1. Flickr: Traces in the Sand Reply

    Traces in the Sand has posted a comment:

    wow, fabulous shot!! Hope you weren’t run over while you were taking this!! :)

    Buildings in the sky

  2. Flickr: myriapod Reply
  3. Flickr: Psycrow Reply

    Psycrow has posted a comment:

    snap Xeer!…

    nice play with the sunlight in yours.

    Buildings in the sky

  4. Flickr: nature_lover Reply
  5. Pierre-Yves Reply

    Nice shot. Shots I like to take too. Well done

  6. Régis Reply

    Beautiful shot ! The construction is great !

  7. Flickr: gustaf wallen Reply

    gustaf wallen has posted a comment:

    Wonderful shot and good technique.

    the "A" Class/post 1-comment 2 . Comment on any two</p>
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<p>Your photo is <a href="A"Class

    please, consider adding this photo to

    Buildings in the sky

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