Bike Lane

Riding a bike anywhere on today’s streets is almost a suicidal pursuit but bike lanes help. Here a bus drove past as I took this shot in an urban tunnel in downtown San Francisco.

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  1. Flickr: myriapod Reply

    myriapod has posted a comment:

    xeer this is amazing! great shot!

    Bike Lane

  2. Matty Reply

    That looks scary to me! How come you didn’t get run over by a cyclist?

  3. Donncha Reply

    I was standing on the sidewa.. I mean pavement and out of the way of any hazardous 2 wheel traffic!

  4. Flickr: compscigrad Reply
  5. micki Reply

    Yikes!! Today’s bike riders have a challenge when they’re on the roads. Nice capture!

  6. Flickr: mirabilisjalapa2000 Reply
  7. Flickr: Matthew Huddle Reply
  8. Flickr: Sarah Julianne Reply
  9. Flickr: graphia Reply
  10. Dana Reply

    awesome pic!!


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