An Autumn Leaf

I love the colours of nature at this time of year. The browns and yellows of falling vegetation make for a soft rich carpet of leaves that is pleasing to the eye. Unless of course it’s your job to clean them up, or after it rains!

This photo came third in the Mallow Camera Club Patterns Around Us competition, novice digital section. I took notes about the other winners but I don’t know how accurate they are. Congrats to David Lavery for all his winning images!

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  1. DaveP Reply

    I’m jealous. All the autumn leaves here have been gone for over a month.

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  5. Flickr: mallowtosydney Reply

    mallowtosydney has posted a comment:

    Really Nice Image, Ibet it must be washed away by now

    Regards Dave

    An Autumn Leaf

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