Look through the bars at Alcatraz

Looking down a closed off corridor or street in Alcatraz Prison, San Francisco. I watched a few minutes of “Escape From Alcatraz” last night and recognised a few locations – the canteen of course, and the ventilation shafts behind the cells are visible to anyone who looks.

I wonder how many feet plodded down this street and who was incarcerated there.

Thanks for the comments on my posts too, it’s encouragement to keep posting so if you feel like adding your two cents don’t be shy!


  1. Flickr: emacs1969 Reply

    emacs1969 has posted a comment:

    Excellent job with the blurred wire – it gives a very effective claustrophobic feel to this.

    Look through the bars at Alcatraz


  2. micki Reply

    Well done shot, I like the dof you went with…perfect!


  3. chantal Reply

    excellent perspective and tones here….i love it!


  4. Matty Reply

    Okay. Here’s my two cents worth. I love these Alcatraz shots. I’m glad you went!


  5. Flickr: Technosailor Reply

    Technosailor has posted a comment:

    I love your photos, Donncha…

    Look through the bars at Alcatraz


  6. Cozmo Photography Reply

    very nice documentary. Nice to see these shots here.


  7. Mark Reply

    Fantastic shot, it makes me wish I had a Sigma 10-20mm to call my own, hah.


  8. Flickr: Bhalash Reply

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