The real prisoners of Alcatraz

Prisoners of Alcatraz mill about in a daze.

The special headsets they wear are mind controlling devices that cause people to stare listlessly into space. They control the actions of people, causing them to walk around the prison, peering into cells and to gaze at features of the streets.

I’ve felt the power of these devices myself and they’re seductive. A gravelly voice telling me to go to a particular cell, or along a corridor. Thankfully an official collected the device off each person at a certain point and we woke up and walked out into the sunshine with happy smiles on our faces.


  1. micki Reply

    A difficult exposure with all the bright sunlight coming in…nice work!

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  3. ugly boy Reply

    bro i would have broke out of dat junk str8 up lil bro check my stats niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  4. Kenneth Hughes Reply

    When I went to Alcatraz i was happy to share the experience with what had happened there from the Battle of Alcatraz to the cells.I was kind of scared when I went there but i got over it and had fun with it.It was my first time going to Alcartaz,but it felt like I was there as a prisoner,but Im glad that I was able to see what they saw,and experience what they experienced.

    • alisa Reply

      did u here any screams the bango playing did u see any orbs red eyes staring at u

  5. Blonde Bombshell Reply

    To Kenneth Hughes:
    You have no idea what you’re talking about. You have no idea what they have experienced. Don’t say you do, it just makes you look dumb. It makes you look like your trying to sound smart in your writing, but, unfortunately for you, it doesn’t work.

  6. veronica Reply

    thats scary call me a scardy cat but fur real:)


  7. dezzy Reply

    WOW i cant believe that they only got visitors once a month!

  8. alisa Reply

    this is so creepy on the othersiders

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