The gulls of Alcatraz

Yet another curious seagull on the island of Alcatraz in San Francisco. I think he has a stern, angry look on his face, probably because I disturbed him by waving a camera in his face!

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  • Flickr: redart November 19, 2006 Reply

    redart has posted a comment:

    great capture!

    The gulls of Alcatraz

  • LyRiAnN November 20, 2006 Reply


  • Pierre November 20, 2006 Reply

    Great shot,
    maybe this gull has crossed the ocean. I’ve seen the same trying to shine in through my window last week i Brittany, or maybe it was one of its relationships !

  • photoDude November 21, 2006 Reply

    wonderful, a great exprssion.

  • Flickr: mize1975 February 5, 2008 Reply

    what a great foto !!! i like it!

  • Flickr: ladybugbkt April 7, 2008 Reply

    This photo makes him look about 3 feet tall!

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