The pizzeria and the sign

“Skateboard and bicycle riding prohibited on sidewalk”

We went for pizza one night in this pizzeria with the rest of Automattic. It’s possibly on California but I can’t be sure because I was hungry and it was dark, and did I say I was hungry?

Oh, great pizza too!


  1. Flickr: cataventosorridente Reply
  2. micki Reply

    I love the old architecture in California! This pizzeria looks like a great place to eat, nice shot!

  3. DaveP Reply
  4. Donncha Reply

    Ah, thanks! I knew it wasn’t far. The old legs would have given out with the hunger if we had walked further! :)

  5. Flickr: Bill Ó Bradaigh Reply

    That sigma lens is amazing, and of course the photographer too! Would you recommend I buy it?

  6. Flickr: xeer Reply

    The Sigma 10-20mm? Definitely. It’s a great lens, although wide-angle isn’t for everyone it’s my favourite lens now.

  7. Flickr: Bill Ó Bradaigh Reply

    Thatnk xeer, I’ve just ordered one. Well basically your photos sold it for me. Watch this space. :-)

  8. Flickr: xeer Reply

    Great Bill, looking forward to seeing what you make of it!

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