A sunlit river

The sun blazes over Cork City and the River Lee on a fresh October afternoon.

This was taken on Patrick’s Bridge looking out over the River Lee on a wonderfully bright October day. This bridge was opened on December 12th 1861 by the then Mayor, Sir John Arnott. I read a story that the first vehicle across the bridge was a man driving a horse and cart who rushed in front of the Mayor and the crowd. Does anyone know more about this?

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  1. micki Reply

    Another one of my favorites from you. I do like that sparkle of sunlight on the streetlamp.


  2. tetsu Reply

    Beautiful perspective view!!!


  3. Donncha Reply

    Wow, thanks! I spent quite a while on this photo because the landscape was very underexposed so it’s nice to get positive feedback!


  4. Flygresor Reply

    I like the little flash of sun in the right lamp…


  5. James Heffernan Reply

    I would love to purchase a print of this photo.

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