Go faster! Go faster!

A young girl in a buggy leans forward as her mother pushes her along St. Patrick’s Street, Cork. Looks like her mother was busy shopping in Penney’s and elsewhere so I’m sure she’ll look forward to getting home!

I like this: This Flight Tonight, and make sure you download the linked video tutorial. The statement that an “adjustment layer is a normal layer with a layer map on top” struck a chord with me. The GIMP doesn’t support adjustment layers and the technique he used, by rubbing out some of the map of an upper layer is one I’ve used in the GIMP previously.


  1. micki Reply

    Oh dear, she lost a shoe along the way. I wonder when Mom will discover that.


  2. Fred Reply

    Seeing a Penney’s bag makes me look forward to being home for Crimbo. It’s been a while since “Penneys” has crossed my mind. Great photo man.


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