Rain drops on my flower

Rain drops on a flower pictured in Fountainstown, Co. Cork.


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  2. micki Reply

    This is so pretty! I always love that first bit of sunlight that breaks through the thick clouds after a rain. The color of this flower really stands out against that stormy sky.


  3. Daragh Mc Grath Reply

    Love the effect. how did you achieve it, or was that natural, post rain light?


  4. Flickr: carrigman Reply
  5. Donncha Reply

    I must admit this took quite a bit of work to get right. Originally it had the lovely glow of a setting sun to light it but I felt that the flower didn’t stand out enough. So give it more impact I desaturated the greens and yellows a bit, did the opposite to the red channel.
    Then I brought out the cloud in the sky by duplicating the layer and darkening the top one before using a layer mask to expose the ground detail underneath. Resize and unsharp and save and upload! Hope that makes sense!


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    foolswisdom has posted a comment:

    Amazing. A flower in the rough ;-)

    Rain drops on my flower


  8. kannan Reply

    Its simple n nizzzz….the bckground clouds giving a lovable feeling…!

    9 marks out of 10 :-)

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