Steps down to the river

Steps lead down to the River Lee in Cork City. Railing stops people going down them but in times past fishermen and other boat users hauled goods up these steps onto the quays.

This was taken a few yards up the quay from a previous shot.

Technique: To increase the dynamic range of this photo I made copies of the original layer. The bottom of the photo was quite dark and that had to be brightened and the sky was too bright so darkening that helped significantly. I used layer masks to isolate my changes to those areas of the photo that needed it.

The new Digital Journalist is out!

I like this: Ramadan in Beaumont. Love the second image here.


  1. micki Reply

    I love how you used the curve of the wide angle lens to work with your foreground. I have to say, this is one of my favorite images from you.

  2. Gavin Reply

    The wide angle is fantastic for this. The curve of that handrail is perfect. Wonderful.

  3. Flickr: Budi Sukmana Reply

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