Fountainstown Cloudscape

Clouds gather over Fountainstown in Co. Cork. The setting sun provided a nice backlight for the clouds on the horizon.


  1. Flickr: conmike12 Reply

    conmike12 has posted a comment:

    Very atmospheric shot.The composition is excellent

    Fountainstown Cloudscape

  2. Flickr: Bhima Bramantika Reply
  3. Flickr: Walt K Reply

    Walt K has posted a comment:

    Magnificent sky and great composition!! 3-2-1

    Fountainstown Cloudscape

  4. Flickr: carrigman Reply

    carrigman has posted a comment:

    Slight horizon shift to the left, I think.

    Fountainstown Cloudscape

  5. Flickr: SylvieL Reply
  6. Flickr: fenlandsnapper Reply

    fenlandsnapper has posted a comment:

    Great lighting – very moody and a bit menacing. (3-2-1)

    Fountainstown Cloudscape

  7. Flickr: azmuskoka Reply
  8. Flickr: Psycrow Reply

    Psycrow has posted a comment:

    fantastic scenic shot. clouds are amazing

    Fountainstown Cloudscape

  9. Flickr: miguev Reply

    miguev has posted a comment:

    Amazing, I love these clouds.

    They are actually one of the things I’ve moved to Ireland for :-)

    Fountainstown Cloudscape

  10. Flickr: David Blakeley Photography Reply

    Very good picture. Great capture of a stunning sky

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