The road beyond Fountainstown

Have you ever gone beyond the beach at Fountainstown in Co. Cork? I’ve been visiting that beach all my life but I had never walked up the road until a week ago. I’m glad I did because it’s very nice up there, and coupled with a setting sun I went a little mad with the camera! Expect a few more shots from here over the week.

I like these: New terminal at Cork Airport and great child portraits.


  1. Flickr: EnoMetis Reply

    EnoMetis has posted a comment:

    Cool shot, and thanks, it’s good to know!

    The road beyond Fountainstown

  2. micki Reply

    It’s amazing the places I will explore now that I have a camera in hand that I wouldn’t have gone before. Can’t wait to see what you saw that evening.

  3. ABM Reply

    Bloody gorgeous. Nice gamma curves. :)

  4. Regis Reply

    I love the composition with the panel on the left side. The contrast and colors are as well very nice. Great picture !

  5. olivier Reply

    very nice… and this french word : “cul de sac” is great !

  6. Donncha Reply

    Thanks for commenting! I looked it up, and according to the Wikipedia page, the literal translation means “arse/ass of a bag”! I’ll never look at another street sign seriously again! :)

  7. Flickr: Psycrow Reply

    Psycrow has posted a comment:

    excellent shot. I’ve got to get me a 10mm lens

    The road beyond Fountainstown

  8. Flickr: laffertycatherine65 Reply

    laffertycatherine65 has posted a comment:

    It is 26 years since I lived in Fountainstown. I enjoyed looking at the photos. It brought back happy memories. I would like to visit again one day.

    The road beyond Fountainstown

  9. Flickr: Le Cracoucass Reply
  10. Desi Joines Reply

    When I was a child we used to go forageing along that road for crab apples and wild plums and mushrooms in season also wild garlic .There was a couple living at the Minane Bridge end named O,Callahan and she used to make the best pot bastiblle bread ever…. Happy Happy Days………

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