Keep a lookout

A father and two sons on St. Patrick’s Street, Cork. I presume they’re waiting for someone from what I heard of the dad talking on his phone as I passed.

Blown out details are on purpose to give it a slightly edgier effect. Hope you like it!


  1. micki Reply

    I like how you knew what they were doing because you could hear his side of the phone conversation. Most folks speak so loudly on their phones.

  2. Kae Verens Reply

    I like how the dad and older son are in shadow and not immediately apparent.

    My son has combat trousers as well – I have yet to find him ever use the pockets.

    Daily rudeness: oy! you in the white! your stripes don’t work!

  3. ABM Reply

    I like the BnW and love the contrast. If you’re looking to focus the picture on the family on the left portion of the picture, why not crop it? It may look funny, though, with the wide angle distortion. Maybe just focus on the child? Dunno. I’m a tweaker at heart.

    Do like it though. I’m still envious of the lens. :)

  4. Flickr: jdm a. 000 Reply
  5. Ana Reply

    I love the boy there, and the brightness is great. works well.

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