Pleased to meet you!

A child greets one of the onlookers at the Cork Folk Festival after the “Christ Restoration Ministries Gospel Choir” have sung and danced. There were lots of kids about and they were all having a great time!

I love this photo because the parents look so happy, kids are drinking their water and watching, the expressions on people’s faces as they see this small child come up to an adult, and of course the expressions of those who are oblivious to what’s going on. So much happening in one scene.


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    Moya T has posted a comment:

    I’ve spent some time looking at this and keep coming back to it! A special moment captured……. and as you said so much going on.

    Pleased to meet you!

  2. micki Reply

    This is a wonderful moment in time you have captured!

  3. Kae Verens Reply

    that guy in orange appears to be wearing a satanic pentagram. I bet that knowing smile bodes ill to the christian dancers.

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