Cappuccino Morning

A beautiful misty morning greeted us a few days ago. The mist rolled down the valley outside and when the sun rose it produced these amazing shades of brown through the fog.

Thanks Jacinta for the name, it fits!

I added a tag cloud to the site this morning. It’s quite obvious from it where I live, and what I take pictures of!

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  1. Treasa Reply

    Really like this. I don’t seem to be able to reproduce mist like this at all.

  2. micki Reply

    Hooray for this time of year and all the photo opportunities that come with it! This is so beautiful!

  3. chantal Reply
  4. Donncha Reply

    Thanks for commenting! I shot it with the camera set to “cloudy” white balance which brings out the colour a little more, but I haven’t seen fog like that very often and judging by the rain and wind outside it’ll be a while before we see it again!

  5. Flickr: marmor.baruch Reply

    I feel I have a lot to say about this picture. Poetry – that’s it.

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