Balloon Boy

A boy is dragged by his mother up St. Patrick’s Street at the Ceili Mor. He was playing with a balloon by punching it continually. I saw him approach and as luck would have it, err, I mean, I quickly composed this shot. I love the expression on his face and I’m very happy that I caught this moment!


  1. micki Reply

    Nice catch!! The blurred string shows the action that the little boy was doing!

  2. Flickr: EnoMetis Reply
  3. Eric Reply

    ha! i love the kid’s expression :)

  4. urbanghost Reply
  5. Flickr: conmike12 Reply

    conmike12 has posted a comment:

    Great capture,very nice expression caught.

    Balloon Boy

  6. Flickr: Ed’ Reply

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Hardcore Balloon Photography, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  7. shaddowknight Reply

    What caught my eye and questions my mind are the little legs behind the boy in the stroller that looks like a girl with a band-aid or bump on one leg and a TRIBAL TATTOO on the other. WHAT!? I don’t know what it is really, but that’s a pretty serious gash if it’s not some kind of kid decal from a birthday party. I love pictures that capture accidental images. Or moments in time that were thought of as ordinary, before they became extraordinary – Like the guy who was filming the JFK motorcade. There is such a story behind them. Oh…and the kid with the balloon is cool too. :) I love how everyone else is just legs…this is the world from his perspective. :)

  8. sal Reply

    what a wonderful picture

  9. TREBOR_ZAL Reply

    It does look like a
    “Tribal Tattoo”

    seeing alot of this lately….THANK GOODNESS it’s not on her back……….every time my grandmother bends over to get a cake out of the oven …..i see that tattoo…….not good……….


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