Bay Bridge San Francisco

This is the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. It’s the view from Matt’s apartment building. He brought Andy and myself up there to enjoy the view, and probably in my case to keep me awake after the long flight!


  1. Matty Reply

    He must hate that view!

  2. Paxton Prints Reply

    Wow…I love the expansiveness of this image.

  3. frankp Reply

    Just in case you didn’t see this on TCAL… NME looking for digital photographer thought you or/and Donal might be interested!

  4. Donncha Reply

    Thanks Frank, NME are looking for a photographer? Rymus – get thee over there! I’m perfectly happy coding and working on WordPress and from what I’ve read, working on software development is generally a better paid job.

  5. Matt Reply

    This is an amazing view! Love the photo.

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