Waiting for Passengers

People wait expectantly in San Francisco International Airport for the first sight of someone they know to appear in the crowd off a plane.

Toni, Andy and I were there to meet Podz off his plane. I had flown in earlier in the day and was almost asleep on my feet but I managed to make this hand held long exposure shot!

I like this: Daft Punk at Marley Park because I wanted to go, heard that they were brill in Scotland, but Donal didn’t think much of their gig in Dublin. Nice shots of their light show though!

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  1. Flickr: EnoMetis Reply

    EnoMetis has posted a comment:

    I always like those shots with static and motion. It really tells a story.

    Waiting for Passengers


  2. Flickr: jeff lim Reply

    jeff lim has posted a comment:

    heh, this has got to be a nice use of the lens…. :)

    Waiting for Passengers


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