Sowan’s Organic Bread Mixes

Sowan’s Organic Bread Mixes were a big hit with everyone who sampled their bread, including Jacinta. She bought a packet of the stuff and I’m going to sample the finished product this morning! This is their stall at the Midleton Food & Drink Festival.

Their website is and I discovered this positive post about them from a user, Keith. It always gives me a tingly feeling whenever I come across those because of my involvement with

The September issue of the Digital Journalist is just out. This picture just screams at me – the contrast between the normal living room and the huge cloud of one of the collapsing Twin Tower is alarming.

Late in the day, but I like these: Randy for you, a truck with a message, and Back from the dirty, photos by Chris Weeks of Paris Hilton and others at a party.


  1. micki Reply

    Nothing beats warm, fresh from the oven bread. Enjoy!

  2. ABM Reply

    And that is a fantastic image of the WTC, fantastic in the “wow” sense and “unimaginable” sense as well. I think I’m supposed to dislike him for taking a picture but what else could he do? it was probably instinctual.

  3. Flickr: Heath & the B.L.T. boys Reply
  4. Little Money Reply

    Sunflower Seed Bread – Wow!!!

    Natural and so so good ;)

  5. xXxlil-niecexXx Reply

    well ur niece 4rm wmeath ere. jus ta say gud luk wid de bread mixes coz der really nice. Hope ta see ya soon lots o luv M

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