Man on the street

Since the smoking ban was implemented people can’t smoke in pubs which drives them on to the streets where the pub owner may have some street furniture out for their convenience. No such luck on North Main Street for this man. He’s enjoying his cigarette while sitting on an electricity junction box marked clearly “DANGER Keep Away”.


  1. Kae Verens Reply

    he’s smoking, and he’s like 160 years old – what has he got to lose? he’s already screwed anyway.

  2. Kae Verens Reply

    nice shiny shoes, though – I bet that guy’s been in the army, and kept up the habits.

  3. micki Reply

    He’s dressed so nicely. I like seeing the conrast in what he’s wearing to that of the younger generation on the street passing him by.

  4. Suby Reply

    Kae’s comments makes me laugh, I love the slight distortion to the shot, for me a very good capture, the angle you shot this from is really nice. Brilliant capture.


  5. ana Reply

    Laughing at Kae’s comment. I was going to guess his age at 120. :)
    The danger factor is high for him as it is!

  6. Matty Reply

    Has Twenty Major had a shave?

  7. urbanghost Reply

    great shot…interesting looking character.

  8. Mink Reply

    He is elegantly dressed and he is NOT that old.
    And what an interesting angle.

  9. Sinead Reply

    does any one know where i can purchase a copy of this photo?


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  11. Moses Reply

    My insights on this: Here is a man who has experienced “street life” for most of his existence.First as a young boy playing with his long gone friends,smoking on the rooftops and learning from what is seen and taken in. As his life progresses he is drawn to it first out of curiosity then as a necessity.He becomes skillful at whatever it takes to survive and realizes early on that he has the “gift of gab” when it comes to his intereactions with others who cross his path.Much later on after decades of hustling he realizes that the street never let him down always seemed to make a way for him. Without realizing it became a way of life for him and a part of his every fiber in inbe way or another. The noise of the vehicles,the patting of feet on the sidewalks,the odors,crying babies,barking dogs,laughter of children who play in the streets and the conversations of others all become a part of his persona. It is no longer a matter of necessity to be out there but it is the connection that he feels when he is out there. To the tune of the beat that’s made in the street,He has a dog that he found in the fog and took it home to keep. It is the mechanical click that runs the machinery that spouts out its oil like tears in his mind.It is a music all of its own unto his ears

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