Denis Murphy, Castle Street

There’s something fascinating for me about old buildings. Perhaps it’s the history they have seen and the memories they hold. Some of the old buildings on Castle Street, Cork are really interesting. I noticed this small building nestled in between it’s larger brethern and when I saw some people walking by I took my shot.

It was processed afterwards with the gimp Wide Angle plugin and I did a little work changing colours but not much else.

I like this: downtown strips, simply because it’s a neat idea I haven’t seen anyone else do yet.


  1. Flickr: Jp Corkery Reply

    Jp Corkery has posted a comment:

    I used to get my haircut there for years before they closed down because of a bereavement and never re-opened.

    I’ve always wondered how come shops stay unused for noticably long periods on Castle Street. I would have thought that given the property market in Cork today, anything unused would be snapped up ASAP. But here we have two right next to each other.

    Denis Murphy, Castle Street

  2. micki Reply

    You’re right about the old buildings, they seem to have a charm that is quite appealing.

    I love the wide angle look to this image, good work!

  3. Flickr: docaoimh Reply

    docaoimh has posted a comment:

    I was in Dublin this weekend where property prices are even worse than Cork and there were plenty of run-down buildings such as this as close to the city centre as Rathmines and on the way into town.

    There are quite a few like this in Cork. Surprising that they aren’t completely renovated into living spaces.

    Denis Murphy, Castle Street

  4. Gavin Reply

    Hehe, The wide angle effect is brilliant!

  5. Flickr: recursion_see_recursion Reply

    recursion_see_recursion has posted a comment:

    Good spot and reminiscent of patches of Amsterdam. Looks like the plug-in does a good job.

    Denis Murphy, Castle Street

  6. Brian Reply

    Very cool. Love the feel of this.

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