Wrigley Building Sky Bridge

This is the sky bridge between the two sections of the Wrigley Building in Chicago. We were walking through when I looked up and immediately noticed the leading lines of the buildings and the walkway.

Way back in 2003 I photographed the Wrigley Building a few times and I’m pretty sure it featured in the film Batman Begins too.

Wrigley.com has a page dedicated to the history of the building and it makes for interesting reading.

While searching ocaoimh.ie for those pictures, I came across this little nugget about Bill Gates from 2002. :)

Something else from the archives for you street shooters – A face in the crowd, tips from the Street Photography List on capturing the elusive face in the maddening crowd.

I like this: Cow & Gate, never mind the baby food.

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  1. Flickr: nature_lover Reply
  2. micki Reply

    I do like the lines of this image, nice work.

    A lot of good links today, too.


  3. Donncha Reply

    Thanks Micki, I liked this image so much I had it printed as an 8×10 but I have yet to frame it properly because the black frame I tried hides the detail of the lines. I need some tutorials on framing photos.

    I had a lot of fun finding those links, especially reading over the old stuff I wrote years ago!


  4. Flickr: Alca Impenne Reply

    Alca Impenne has posted a comment:

    great composition and atmosphere.

    Score 8.5/10 (from the Score Me! group)

    Wrigley Building Sky Bridge


  5. Flickr: renata_souza_e_souza Reply
  6. Flickr: Captain Crunk Reply
  7. Flickr: trabach24 Reply
  8. Flickr: bubba brown Reply

    bubba brown has posted a comment:

    nice b&w, cool angle , good compositon. 8.5/10

    Wrigley Building Sky Bridge


  9. Flickr: archer773 Reply
  10. Mike Reply

    Great image, have you ever tried using HDR?

  11. Flickr: dangaken Reply

    Cool angle!

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Chicago’s Beautiful Wrigley Building, and we’d be honored have this added to the group!


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