Sears Tower and Flagpole

Sears Tower in Chicago and it’s reflection in a flagpole on the grounds of the building. I love the light and shadows in this image and the mirror image of the reflection.

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  1. micki Reply

    This is an excellent composition! Great image!

  2. Flickr: Wespionage Reply

    Wespionage has posted a comment:

    Great eye — it is a disorienting perspective.

    Seen in 3-2-1 (?)

    Sears Tower and Flagpole

  3. Flickr: Alice Olive Reply
  4. Flickr: deltasly101 Reply

    deltasly101 has posted a comment:

    Very cool shot! Excellent composition, intense

    Sears Tower and Flagpole

  5. Flickr: arnmundardóttir – erla Reply

    arnmundardóttir – erla has posted a comment:

    FT: strangely enough it made me think of those f-15 eagles…

    Sears Tower and Flagpole

  6. Flickr: Pedro Prats Reply
  7. Flickr: Canis Major Reply

    Canis Major has posted a comment:

    Feel like a tourist marvelling at the height of this building. FT

    Sears Tower and Flagpole

  8. Greg Reply

    Great shot. The choice to include the building on the left was a good one.

  9. Flickr: Chidori. Reply

    Chidori. has posted a comment:

    what a great idea!! looks awesome


    Sears Tower and Flagpole

  10. Flickr: yoeword Reply
  11. Brian Reply

    Awesome. Absolutly love this.

  12. Flickr: david spigolon Reply
  13. Flickr: jaymce Reply

    jaymce has posted a comment:

    wow wow wow

    PLEASE add this shot to the sears tower group

    Sears Tower and Flagpole

  14. Flickr: andychilton Reply

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Amazing Structures, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.

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  16. Flickr: Device0002 Reply

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