Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet

A Boeing 747 is readied for another flight, with hand luggage on board.

This is the plane that flew me to London Heathrow from San Francisco. I shot the photo through the plate glass of the departures lounge. It was converted to b/w and dodged/burned afterwards. The panoramic format works really well when the image is 3504 pixels wide, but I’m not so sure about the small format uploaded here.

No pictures of the Cobh Peoples Regatta today. I didn’t have time to work on them this morning!


  1. micki Reply

    Great panoramic view, and I like the b&w look! The sky looks like it was really bright in the corner and may have been too much if the image was in color.

  2. Kae Verens Reply

    “with hand luggage on board”? that means they let you bring a camera onto the plane with you (it hadn’t already been packed away). Did they ask you to take it apart, or did they just trust that your camera doesn’t transform into a shotgun?

    fantastic shot, btw – the distortion of the perspective really shows how large the thing is!

  3. Donncha Reply

    Camera, two lenses, a flash unit, lots of wires, a laptop, chargers.. I didn’t leave any wires in my luggage because my luggage was checked by security on my way out. Didn’t get my luggage until more than a day after I arrived in SF. Made for a heavy laptop bag though :(

  4. Matty Reply

    Did you get one of those “How the hell does that thing stay in the air?” moments when you took the shot? I’m getting one just looking at the picture.

  5. Donncha Reply

    Matt – I got that feeling when I was seated on the plane near the back. I got an aisle seat and in fact the 2 seats next to me were empty but I could look down the aisle and see through to 3 sections of the plane. “This thing is really huge!”

  6. JO Ann Reply

    My husband and I will be flying Air India in Sept. Can anyone tell us if it is a good company. We are going to Germany out of LAX, nonstop. We are big people, and need room. Is there a chance the plane will not be full. Thanks

  7. xoxo2cute4wordsoxox Reply

    hi,omg i hate skool we have to look up this stupid plane :(
    im so bored well omg biiiiiiiiii

  8. xoxo2cute4wordsoxox Reply

    hi amanda!

  9. Suresh Reply

    The one and only company which brought the technology for FLYING is BOEING, the 787 Dream Liner will Make lots of Air travelers dream come true..

  10. alexandra Reply

    ja mysle ze jest super – hay im from poland and i thin that jet i realy nice im in ireland

  11. Ian Reply

    747s are cool hu well i think thre awesome great work

  12. Flickr: exemplaryphotos Reply

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called London Airports – MEGA hub, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.

  13. Whelly Reply

    such a great shot….
    so close shot….
    do you have a different shot angle?

  14. ShOrTy Reply

    I like the view of the plane, it’s cool to know people fly these!!!!

  15. auswitch Reply

    Och, I love the black&white photos. It’s really great!

  16. Peyton T Reply

    I love airplanes and my fvorite plane is a jumdo jet.I have never road i one before,but I have flone in reguler jets a lot and I relly want to I am a kid and I am using my moms emale but don’t tell by.

  17. Edmund Reply

    Oh my God, with the black and white effect, it looks like this is one of those planes you’d seen in a scrapyard after a crash. It was retired!


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